3 Reasons to Choose New Horizons for Citrix Training

1. We have the best instructor. New Horizons instructor Khalaf Haddad won the 2015 Citrix Certified Instructor of the Year award. The Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI) of the Year Award is issued to the instructor in each of three global regions who has demonstrated the best overall performance as measured by student satisfaction survey results and number of students educated.

Khalaf was also awarded the Master CCI designation in 2017. Master CCIs have taught Citrix Education courses for 5 years or more, receiving excellent Student Satisfaction scores. In addition to the competencies demonstrated by each CCI track, a Master CCI should demonstrate the following: thorough understanding and experience; exceptional technical knowledge; involvement with World-Wide Education; mentor and respected; and exceptional feedback from students and peers.

2. We are a trusted learning partner. New Horizons has been named a Citrix Premiere Authorized Learning Partner. This rare designation ensures that our customers receive the absolute highest quality Citrix instruction.

3. We offer access to class recordings. Only New Horizons provides you with post-class recordings that you can view for up to 6 months.

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