“2018 State of IT Training Report”

Key findings from hundreds of companies across multiple industries

IT training is a cost-effective way to prepare your team to execute complex projects, boost retention, and postpone more expensive hires.

In fact, 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their positions within the first year, and employee turnover can cost companies up to 20% of that person’s yearly salary. When turnover rate is high, productivity and innovation suffer. 

Still, only 12% of companies believe their IT training strategy is effective. As more businesses face pressure to adopt complex technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, IT training is more important than ever.

2018 State of IT Training Report

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  • How Companies Manage IT
  • The IT Training Gap
  • IT Training Challenges
  • How Companies Train IT Staff
  • Key Influencers in IT Training Purchases
  • IT Priorities in 2018 and Beyond
  • Top IT Challenges Facing Modern Companies
  • New Technologies Being Added in 2018
  • 2018 IT Budget Direction
  • And More...

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